The Hungarian Filmlab and Mafilm have merged with the Hungarian National Film Fund

The Hungarian Filmlab and Mafilm have merged with the Hungarian National Film Fund


Operating as subsidiary companies in the past year, Mafilm and the Hungarian Filmlab merged with the Hungarian National Film Fund on the 1st of October, 2013.

From now on, due to the merger, the Film Fund can provide support for the full spectre of film production. The range of supports from script and project development, production costs or marketing are now complemented with studio and post production services.  

The managing directors of Mafilm and the Hungarian Filmlab – operating as subsidiary nonprofit companies of the Film Fund in the past year – Tamás S. Zákonyi and László Aradi become members of the new management. The number of employees of the Film Fund has increased to around 100 people after the merger. Just recently, the Film Fund consolidated both companies valued at 600 million HUF towards clearing debts and for new high-tech developments so that Mafim and the Filmlab can make up for their past disadvantegous position on the market and become competitive. The Hungarian Film Fund’s intention is to return the profit for the benefit of the entire film industry.

This year in the Mafilm’ studios were shot Kenau, a historic feature budgeted at
6 M Euro, a coproduction with the Netherlands, Dracula an American, Capitán Alatriste, a Spanish TV series, the Hungarian Róbert Pejó’s feature, Mancs, Péter Rudolf’s TV series, Kossuthkifli and numerous commercial spots.

Most of the new Hungarian films’ post production are being made in the Hungarian Filmlab such as Heavenly Shift by Márk Bodzsár, Coming out, a comedy by Dénes Orosz, Afterlife from Virág Zomborácz, Swing, a music comedy directed by Csaba Fazekas, Ádám Császi’s drama, the Land of Storms, Mancs, some VFX works on Liza, Fox Fairy, the first feature of Károly Ujj Mészáros or documentaries, such as Overdose by Gábor Ferenczi and Minds without Borders by Thomas Amman.