Digital Colour Correction with Projector

Digital Colour Correction with Projector


We upgraded our Baselight suite with a JVC DLA HD-2K digital projector in January. This projector can be calibrated according to different film raw stocks. Further to this we have installed a professional screen. This ’canvas’ is remote controlled: we can set different screen size and aspect ratio. As a result, our clients can work in a real cinema environment, watching projected images during the digital colour correction.

Films that were made by using this system:
The Paper Will Be Blue - Radu Muntean/ Tudor Lucaciu (S16 mm film)
Egyetleneim - Nemes Gyula/ Dobóczi Balázs (S16 mm film)
A hét nyolcadik napja - Elek Judit/ Berger László (HDCam)
Budakeszi srácok - Erdős Pál/ Papp Ferenc (S16 mm film)
Sínjárók – Jeli Ferenc /Kuruc Sándor (HDCam)
La belle Epoque – Szekeres Csaba/ Tóth Widamon Máté (35 mm film)
Mansfeld - Szilágyi Andor/ Medvigy Gábor (35 mm film)
Tibor vagyok, de hódítani akarok - Fonyó Gergely/ Márton Balázs (35 mm film)
Sinovci - Sinisa Kovacevic/ Radoslav Radic (35 mm film)
Dolina - Kamondi Zoltán/ Medvigy Gábor (35 mm film)
Csapás – Decklan Hannigan/ Pohárnok Gergely (35 mm film)

Experiences with the Baselight suite
Gábor Medvigy, DOP (Mansfeld, Dolina):
It was a great help for us using this system as it minimized the possibility of mistakes. I could say we were not able to make any mistake. I could not imagine that we could see the result of our grading and special effects before the image transfer. Earlier, the only way of evaluating our work was making a negative and print and projecting it in the cinema. Using a calibrated projector means that we can obtain the same look and colours in the grading facility like in the cinema. I have used this system for two features so I have some experience. The only issue with that digital projector is that I could see about 10 % less details in the dark area of the picture comparing to the print. Knowing that there is not any surprise, I have really enjoyed the colour correction work, thanks to the great assistance of colourist Benedek Kabán.